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Important Documents

Below you'll find important downloadable documents in .PDF format.

These documents are found linked, where appropriate, throughout the website.

Here, you can also find them all in one place.

Constitution & By-Laws

Learn about our polity (church governance) and how our Church operates.

Constitution Bylaws - FBCM
Download PDF • 126KB

Wedding & Building Use Documents

Documents needed for applying to use our church building for weddings or other events. Please see the wedding page or building use page for more details. Wedding

Bridal Packet
Download PDF • 826KB
Wedding Contract
Download PDF • 108KB

Other Building Use

Building Use Contract
Download PDF • 135KB

Church Covenant

The church is the body of Christ, and a covenant community. Learn about our commitments to build one another up in the faith.

Church Covenant - FBCM
Download PDF • 107KB

New Member Pledge

Drawn from scripture and the language of our church covenant, this is our pledge we make to new members to be the family of God for them in this place.

Church Pledge - FBCM
Download PDF • 185KB

New Hampshire Confession of Faith, 1833

Recognizing and honoring the differences that exist among believers, this Church generally ascribes to the New Hampshire Confession Declaration of Faith (1833) as a guide to faith and practice. See our page on beliefs to learn more.

The New Hampshire Confession of Faith 1833
Download PDF • 25KB

American Baptist Identity Statement, 2005 — “We Are American Baptists”

An Expression of Christian Faith Representative of American Baptists (our denomination) adopted by the General Board, American Baptist Churches in the U.S.A., November 2005. Not sure about denominations? That's OK! We're a Baptist Church, but not just for Baptists. See our page on Baptists to learn more.

ABC USA Identity Statement 2005
Download PDF • 200KB

Protection Policies & Staff Handbook

Our policies and procedures for preventing and responding to abuse of children and vulnerable adults. And our staff handbook, including policies for holiday and parental leave.

Protection Policies & Staff Handbook - FBCM
Download PDF • 146KB

Church History

A printable, text-only, version of our church history. You may view a web-friendly version of our church history, with pictures, on our History page.

History - FBCM
Download PDF • 183KB


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