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Navigating difficult relationships, facing loss, & the cost of discipleship resources

Resources this week focus on strain and separation in relationships: navigating difficult relationships, facing loss, and the cost of discipleship in the Kingdom of God.

These resources correspond with the Sunday, May 26th sermon "Anti-Family Values Jesus!?" on Luke 9:57-9:62.

For our first week of our "Kingdom Family Vacation," series, we interviewed Eric from Taiwan. He is Pastor Kendall and Jonathan's friend from seminary. He did not grow up in a Christian family.

While Eric maintains a good relationship with his family, he also believes the experience of Christians in countries where Christians are not in the majority can help American Christians understand the difficult "Anti-Family" sayings of Jesus.


  • "The Cost of Following Jesus" - Episode 2 - Exploring My Strange Bible Podcast -  Tim Mackie (audio)

  • “Navigating Difficult Relationships” - Episode 15 - God Hears Her podcast from “Our Daily Bread” ministries. (audio)

The book looks at the household through the lens of discipleship and spiritual formation.

The New Friendship Class in B-05 (Sun. 9:30 a.m.) is going through this video series (Summer 2024).

A classic, personal Christian meditation on grief and loss.

  • Madness & Grace podcast with Dr. Matthew Stanford, PhD, Director of the Hope & Healing Center & Institute. A podcast on mental health and faith (audio) 


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