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Family Division

This is a sermon preview for the fourth sermon in the “Promise & Threat” sermon series. To watch the recording of any of the sermons in this sermon series, visit our website.

Jacob replied, “First sell me your birthright.” “Look, I am about to die,” Esau said. “What good is the birthright to me?” But Jacob said, “Swear to me first.” So he swore an oath to him, selling his birthright to Jacob. Genesis 25:31-33

The word "family" invokes a variety of feelings depending on an individual's experiences. For some "family" invokes feelings of love and security, but for others "family" may invoke feelings of hurt and division. In truth, most people's experiences with "family" are a mix of both viewpoints.

As we continue our Promise/Threat series, we focus this week on the family. How does the Bible view family and in particular family division? Genesis 25 recounts the story of two brothers, Esau and Jacob, divided over inheritance and blessing. This division led to years of family strife.

What can we learn about our own family interactions and about our church family interactions from the story of Esau and Jacob? This Sunday we will explore the wisdom of Genesis 25 and how God wants unity in our families.


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